Lifestyle Assessments

Lifestyle Assessment is a service provided by Southdowns Investigations predominantly in support of Corporate Enterprise institutions.

Our Investigators are proficiently experienced in dealing with all situations in identifying the honesty and integrity of employees. This can be managed by Test Purchasing goods in retail premises. This would be completed by an Investigator posing as a customer purchasing or making enquiries about a certain product. We can also identify Customer Relationships in this manner and allow the client to assess the ability and, in some cases, the honesty of their staff during the whole procedure. This activity can be recorded utilising a covert video camera.

There is potential for the retail industry to make considerable financial savings by deploying this method of investigation.

Gardeners Leave is often given to employees fulfilling a term of contractual employment when they have been excluded from entering the work place. This action can lead to concerns by the employer if they believe information or practices from the company are to be developed elsewhere for the benefit of another.

Southdowns Investigations can monitor this situation and subsequently advise the Company of any suspected malpractice observed during this time. Any suspicious activity would be recorded utilising video / still photography in support of an investigation report.

Our investigators will also confirm or refute any Absenteeism Verification should an employee be suspected of falsely reporting sick for work.

Debtor Tracing is when a Southdowns Investigator would make enquiries to establish the location of a person who has failed to administer a debt. This is often the case when someone incurs a large credit debt and moves without identifying his or her forwarding address. It is common place for legal proceedings to follow, seeking reimbursement for the debt. This service will, in most cases, require some form of surveillance to ensure the proceeding action to be taken, can be successfully applied.

In line with Debtor Tracing we also offer the service of Loan Identity Confirmation. This service can be used by any person or company offering the loan, who wish to seek reassurance against the details supplied by the applicant. Fraud of all descriptions is on the increase and becoming more sophisticated. A physical examination of the applicant’s address and confirmation of status can determine the information supplied in the application.

The information compiled can be presented to the client in the form of a written report or a visual image recorded by Video or Still Photography.

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