Test Purchasing / Customer Relations

This service combines to test the honesty and integrity of employees in the work place. A Southdowns Investigator can enter any given establishment and make a purchase of goods or test the abilities of the staff in their work procedures. Deployments of this nature are an accurate way of ensuring your customers’ needs are being properly met. The use of ‘Test Purchasers’ can identify not only mistakes, but also raise ideas at the forefront of the business, while at the same time encouraging staff members to be alert, energetic and co-operative.

A great deal of internal misappropriation of retail goods often occur and deployments of this nature are means of detecting this method of theft and potentially saving thousands of pounds for the retail industry.

This method of ‘test purchasing’ can also be used for the identification of counterfeit goods.

All deployments will be supported with a report or statement of fact and can, if required, be supported with video or still photographic evidence.

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