Providing Matrimonial services across the South East, UK.

Our Matrimonial services cover all areas of investigation associated with ‘cheating partners’ and Adulterous Behaviour.

If you believe your partner is cheating on you because of something you have seen or heard or, something your partner has said or done makes you suspicious, we can help you resolve the issue.

We will discuss these concerns in the strictest of confidence and decide the best and most appropriate way we can help you identify the truth.

Southdowns Investigations can also assist with information gathering should you suspect an ex-partner is Cohabiting after financial constraints, associated with divorce proceedings, have been applied. This, amongst other information, would confirm residential status and support or refute benefit claims.  We can manage this by carrying out Background Checks, where we would make enquiries and covertly monitor for ‘means testing,’ in order to identify their financial status.

Our Investigators are trained in recording information utilising Video / Still Photography which could support any potential evidential report.

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