Adulterous Behaviour

This is always a sensitive and difficult issue to address. To find out if adulterous behaviour is occurring you might notice your partner displaying some of the following signs which might raise your suspicions.

Has your partner suddenly changed their behaviour?

Does your partner stay out late or, for no apparent reason, work longer hours at the office ?

Have they become evasive or vague, secretive when texting or using e-mail ?

Does your partner take more pride in their appearance, have they purchased new clothes ?

In some instances a suspicious activity could be completely innocent and not knowing the true facts could profoundly affect your life. We can offer you peace of mind by either confirming or denying these suspicions and give you an accurate picture of the facts to help you assess the situation.

This would be managed predominantly by a form of surveillance deployment. In most instances this question can be verified in a short space of time and our actions can be supported by video or still photography complementing a lifestyle report.

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