Private Investigator / Detective

Private DetectiveThe Dictionary tells us a Private Detective is an individual, privately employed to investigate a crime, keep watch on a suspected person, or make enquiries. Sometimes also called, Private Investigator, PI, Detective Investigator or Enquiry Agent .

At Southdowns Investigations we are here to help you resolve whatever difficulties you may be experiencing in a discreet, confidential, professional and friendly manner.

No matter how large your problem might seem, should it be any one of the services we offer, Matrimonial, Lifestyle Assessment, Legal Issues, Surveillance or Third Party Information we are proficiently tailored to fulfil all your requirements.

Our Private Investigators are highly trained and operate with complete confidence and with the highest of integrity in a professional, discreet and confidential manner. We are experienced in working within the confines of the law and the European Courts of Human Rights. We understand, from our professional abilities, the mechanics of evidence and the manner to which it must carefully and successfully be developed in support of any potential legal proceedings.


We have developed our skills over years whilst working on high profile investigations predominantly in Sussex but also in areas such as, Hampshire, Surrey, London, Kent and other counties in and around the South East of England.

The services we offer our clients are proficiently tailored to the professional abilities of our Private Detectives who are a dedicated, determined and passionate team of individuals, working with the highest of integrity in resolving the difficulties you may be experiencing.

It is a fact in this current climate, where experienced Police personnel are being lost and Force finances are being severely restricted, that the conclusion can only be detrimental to both Corporate Industry and members of the general public. It is now a regular occurrence that frustrations, due to the lack of police action and little definitive investigation, are being experienced. This has led to an increase in seeking the services of the Private Investigator or Private Detective to fill this void; the search for Madeline McCann is one of the most notable cases.

Southdowns Investigations seek to provide you with the best possible solution to your problem with fast and accurate results.

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