Covert Surveillance

What is Covert Surveillance? Our surveillance deployments fall into one of three categories, mobile, static or electronic.

Mobile Surveillance is self-explanatory.  The subject will be monitored over a period of time as he/she travels between locations.  This activity will be supported by video or still photography recording any associations made during the time under  observation.

Static Surveillance is often deployed in the initial stages in order to gauge the most efficient times for the mobile surveillance to commence. It is also used when information is sought at a given location. Again, this technique will be supported by video or still photography.

Electronic Surveillance relates to the deployment of recording equipment, which is used to cover a longer period of time. This may also assist in identifying a suitable time for either static or mobile surveillance to be deployed. On occasions more than one device may be used to allow maximum coverage of a number of locations.

Physical observation of an individual can sometimes prove invaluable by providing irrefutable evidence and therefore avoiding an expensive and time-consuming court case.

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