Third party management of information for sanitised dissemination.

Third party information

Third Party InformationThis is a UNIQUE service offered by Southdowns Investigations.

Time and experience has proven people will interact with what might be construed by others as relevant, important or sensitive information. They may be party to this information as a result of direct conversation or overheard discussion by others.

They may also witness an incident or action they feel uncomfortable with and believe the matter should be reported or brought to the attention of someone in an authoritative position.

There are occasions where people find this extremely difficult to do themselves for a number of reasons. This may be for fear of reprisal, in whatever form, or they retain a wish to distance themselves from what they have seen or heard. Another reason could be because the information they are party to has enormous implications, possibly of a personal nature or, it may lead to repercussions associated with a private, commercial, or industrial corporation enterprise but, they feel someone should be made aware of it.

Southdowns Investigations will alleviate this concern and act as a third party manager, dealing with any information with the highest of integrity and complete professional discretion. We will examine, research, investigate and sanitise the information before, acting as a conduit, identifying the most appropriate recipient for its dissemination. The sanitised information will be served in document form upon the recipient, in a manner to protect the identity of our client.

Southdowns Investigations have both female and male investigators who have vast and proven experience in this field. They are qualified and security vetted in order to present this specialised form of service in the most professional manner.

Our Investigators from previous operational experience, know how someone can realise their motivation whilst reducing their risk.

Southdowns Investigations are registered under the Data Protection Act.

All our information is securely and confidentially managed.

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